Organized Fabric

Professional Organizing  

Confidential help and guidance in declutterining, organizing, and maintaining your space. 

Are you overwhelmed and exhausted
by the disorder in your home?

  • Has life thrown you a curveball - maybe a loss or an illness? 

  • Does the thought of tackling the clutter on your own paralyze you? 

  • Does your home no longer feel like a refuge?


  • Do you hesitate to invite your friends and family to your home?

  • If you answered yes to any of the above, you are not alone and I am here to lend a hand in getting your home feeling like home!

If you are in Edmonton, Alberta or a surrounding community, please reach out to me to start exploring how getting organized can make your life easier!

Looking forward to talking with you.

Home Organization

Working in the room of your choice we work to bring order, functionality and flow to your home. 

Office Organization

An orderly working space enhances your productivity, creativity and positive state of mind. 


Upsizing, downsizing or rightsizing, I'm here to help you with the process.



          For years, I felt overwhelmed with the clutter in my home and didn’t know how to deal with it, so I usually just closed doors and tried to forget about it. Every once in a while, I would try to unclutter a room but just ended up cluttering other rooms even more because I didn’t throw things out.  I finally decided to call someone for help, as I realized I wasn’t able to figure it out on my own. I found Marj and as my husband and I often now say when we enter an uncluttered room, ”Thank Goodness for Marj”. 

Marj came into my home and we worked closely together for the next couple of weeks. Marj was kind and considerate and I never felt any judgement from her at all. She had unique and very affordable ways to organize absolutely everything. She is a very hardworking lady and because I was so overwhelmed with a lot of my clutter, she took charge and had me working on a task while she dove right in and came up with solutions for a lot of the more challenging projects. Marj has a solution for everything and if it puzzles her at first, the next day she comes up with a way to solve it.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Marj, she is very passionate about what she does and it shows. We had a lot of laughs as well and I still go into certain rooms and think about Marj and how thankful I am for her.  -Teri



          Thank you a million times over.  - Margaret 



          Thank you so much for all your help in our kitchen. I did my meal prep on Monday and it was a great experience - everything just seemed simpler :) They say the kitchen is the heart of a home and now, for Tim & I, it feels that way - all thanks to you!  We are happy to report that our kitchen is still very organized and that cooking has never been better.  Thanks again for guiding us through this process. - Megan



          Marj is amazing! She is very efficient and has a great eye for detail.  She also has a gift to create space and harmony in your home.  She is very personal and kind.  She has taught me valuable organizing skills, all without embarrassment and shame.It is wonderful to be able to find what you are looking for.  I highly recommend Marj to handle any task you throw at her. - Sandra



          I love my pantry.  It was an overwhelming task that I never would have approached on my own.  It not only looks awesome, it is so functional I actually know were to find everything and know what I have.  - S

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