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I honed my organizational skills while managing a busy family of five, dual careers, and a menagerie of pets.  My children affectionately named me the "Box Lady” as we navigated the chaos and joys of busy family life by following the basic principles of organization; sort, edit and place!

My career and volunteer choices have reflected my passion for people, organization, and process. As a Legal Assistant attention to detail, process, organization, and confidentiality were essential.  As a Human Resources Professional, I coached people through the challenges of busy lives and careers. Problem solving, respect, empathy, and communication were key.  As a business consultant, I specialized in corporate policy and process and working with clients through difficult transitions.  I have always been an active volunteer in my community focussing on front line initiatives. I am an avid "upcycler" and am proud to be part of the volunteer "Upcycling Team" with Habitat for Humanity.


I am an executive member of the Edmonton Chapter of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC). I am a Trained Professional Organizer, a board member of the Hoarding Disorder Foundation of Alberta, a Chartered Professional in Human Resources, retired and hold a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

I appreciate that we all have different strengths and that organization, process, and systems don't come naturally to everyone.  I have a passion for organization and work confidentially and empathetically to help my clients realize their organizational goals. 

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