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Competency Based Job Descriptions

If used properly, and maintained as "living" documents, Job Descriptions are invaluable. They are the foundation on which many HR management functions flow:  organizational design, recruitment and selection of staff, career development, succession planning, compensation, talent management and performance review.  They are a valuable resource to employees and managers alike.

Employees refer to Job Descriptions to:

  • Clarify roles, responsibilities and accountabilities

  • Clarify the skills and competencies needed to succeed 

  • Develop skills needed for career progression

  • Understand the purpose of their role and how it contributes to the success of the organization

  • Understand how their role impacts co-workers, clients and the business goals of the organization

  • Recognize and appreciate the complexities and challenges of other roles in the organization

Managers refer to Job Descriptions to: 

  • Coach staff

  • Facilitate Career development & performance review

  • Clarify expectations

  • Review and establish Compensation and Rewards  

  • Identify skills gaps for current job or career progression

  • Recruit and select  staff

  • Train and development employees

Job Description Services

I work with organizations to develop detailed competency based job descriptions.

  • Develop Organizational Specific Competency Dictionary

  • Develop and Maintain Competency Based Job Descriptions

  • Introduce and explain the value of the newly developed or updated Job Descriptions to all stakeholders

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