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Kitchen Organization

Project Description

This was a challenging project as the area served multiple functions for a very large and busy family. Not only was it used for dining, it also served as a home schooling area.  Children ranged in age from 4 to 16. 


  • All children had access to the kitchen and were encouraged to independently prepare food.  

  • The older children were involved in food preparation, cooking and baking for the family.

  • The two pantries in the kitchen were not working for the client. The corner cabinet had an issue with heating, so perishables could not be housed there.

  • The client wanted a solution for fruit and bread which was currently sitting on the island counter.

  • A very large collection of home schooling supplies had to be stored in the area - the supplies had to accommodate pre-school to high school grades.

  • The area had become extremely cluttered.

  • The area was also used to access the back yard.

  • The client had a large collection of Tupperware that needed to be accessible to everyone, depending on their age (younger children were not to access glass vessels, for example).  


Non-food items were relocated.  Non-perishable food was sorted and placed in this cabinet.  Tinned foods were placed on the left, dried goods sorted into bins for easy access on the left.  Baking supplies and sweets were placed on the top shelves to be inaccessible to the little ones.

Corner Pantry Before Reorganization
Difficult to find stacked items.


This area was used to store kitchen appliances.


Potatoes & onions were also stored here.

Corner Pantry After Organization
Pantry after Organization


Fruit was stored in hanging baskets to allow access for the children, as well as air circulation to prevent rotting.

The client only made coffee for guests, so the coffee maker was relocated to the appliance cabinet.

Hanging Fruit Storage
Kitchen After Drinks Cabinet.jpeg


 School supplies that were less often needed were housed in cabinetry under the island.

A severely cluttered space.


Solutions:  I forgot to take after pictures of this area but you can see the bank of drawers that was used to house school supplies. The extensive Tupperware collection was relocated to the tall cabinet pictured on the left, still within easy access of the kitchen area.

Kitchen Before w stove1_edited.jpg


This little area had already been designated by the client as the area for the younger children - housing plastic plates & bowls as well as lunch bags and Tupperware.  I rearranged, moved some of the Tupperware and was able to make this a breakfast food storage area - cereals, bread, and spreads. 

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