Upcycle, Reuse, Repurpose

Dresser Before Upcycling


Rather than buying new furniture, why not visit your local thrift store & find a piece to make your own? 

 Writing Desk Before Upcycling

Writing Desk to Upcycle.JPG

This sweet little writing desk had been through the upcycling wars - multiple layers of paint and broken legs!

Upcycled Upholstery Fabric Samples

Facebook Post Tips Upcycling Quotes.jpg
Facebook Post Tips Upcycling Quotes.jpg
Facebook Post Tips Upcycling Quotes.jpg
Facebook Post Tips Upcycling Quotes.jpg

I picked up a ton of upholstery fabric samples from a local furniture store that were headed to the landfill and I've been busy making all manner of things from them.  Here are just a few draw string bags.  What would you store in these?

Dumpster Dive Beauty

Liam's Dresser Before_NoGPS.jpg

As an avid "upcycler", I love the challenge of taking something that has been discarded and giving it new life.


This dresser had been set out on the curb with the trash.

Games Night Table

Upcycled Table.jpg

I purchased this very battered oak table from Kijji for $5.


  • I sanded as well as I could but it was pretty beaten up.

  • Using the same latex paint I had on hand, I painted the apron and legs blue

  • I drew a compass on the table top with a blue permanent marker

  • I then taped the lines and painted

My son used this as a games table during his university days.

Fun and functional 

Dollar Store Drawer Liner - 4 Different Uses

Drawer Liner_Drawer1.JPG

Drawer Liner is for, well, lining drawers.  It's particularly nice to use on older furniture that may not have the nicest finish. Not only is it lovely to look at, it provides a smooth finish on which to place your clothes or linens.

But why not use it for other things?  Here are a few ideas.

Paper Liner for Wrapping paper.jpg