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Dressing Room Organization 

Project Description

A bedroom acting as a dedicated dressing room was in need of a major overhaul.  It was difficult for the homeowner to access her lovely collection of clothing, shoes, accessories and make-up. She had tried various storage solutions, but as her collection grew, these were no longer viable solutions.

Cluttered Room Before Organization
Hanging Clothes Storage, Purse Storage, Dressing Room
 Cluttered Room Before Organization


The first step in this project was to sort through the collections and edit!  Many people will have benefited from the client's donations of clothing and jewellery.


We purchased more sturdy clothing racks, one that allowed for two rods for tops, and the other for longer items.  We also purchased narrow, flocked coat hangers to "grab" the silkier fabrics and prevent the hangers from tangling.

An existing coat rack was used to hang purses and industrial chains were added to the ends of the hanging racks for the clients jackets.

Organized Dressing Room
Cluttered Room
Organized Closet
Beautifully Organized Closet


A dresser was relocated to the closet and, to increase access, the door to the closet was removed.


As an avid "upcycler", I always try to use storage solutions the client has already acquired. In this example, we used the drawers from a plastic storage unit as storage containers in the closet.

Functional Shoe Storage


Like many of us, this client had tried a number of different storage solutions for her extensive jewellery collection but over time these were no longer working well.  

  • An Ikea unit with shallow drawers was lined with felt and used to house jewellery. 

  • Bangles were displayed on metal hanging units

  • We made a simple and inexpensive hanging solution for frequently used necklaces and bracelets, using wood and command hooks.    


Shoes that were previously housed under the hanging clothing storage racks are now visibly displayed on a simple Ikea shelving storage unit.  

Folded Workout Tops

Accordion style folding is a great way to make space and easily see what you have.

Jewellery and Makeup Organization.jpg
Inexpensive Necklace Storage


Clear command hooks attached to some craft wood provide a simple, elegant, and functional way to display necklaces.

This room is now fun and functional, showcasing the owner's joyful style.

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