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Employee Policies 

HR Policy & Procedures, Employee Policies

Every organization has Core Values; a set of principles on which it operates and expectations for conduct in the performance of duties.  Clearly written HR Policies set out these guidelines and do so much more.

Employee Policies

  • Provide a foundation for the consistent and equitable treatment of people in the workplace 

  • Reflect the culture of the organization

  • Provide clarity of business purpose

  • Provide valuable information about the benefits of working for the organization

  • Set out expectations for conduct among colleagues, clients and other stakeholder

  • Fulfill many legal requirements; help to mitigate corporate risk

  • Are a valuable resource for managers and employees

Employee Policies and Procedures Services

  1. Re-write of existing Policies to reflect corporate culture and compliance with existing legislation.

  2. Review and update of selected policies to comply with legislative or corporate changes.

  3. Develop complete policy manual for small to mid-sized organizations that may not have written policy in effect.

  4. Design and develop procedural forms (manual or electronic) to accompany specific policies.

  5. Conduct staff meetings to introduce new or amended policies.

The narrative, design and layout of written materials will reflect the company brand and corporate culture.

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