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HR Business Services

Organizational Options provides customized HR Solutions to establish best practices in HR Management for corporate success and growth.


HR Policies, and the procedures that enact policy, provide clarity and guidance around the multitude of activities that bring an organization to life. They set the stage for individual performance expectations and  contribute to smooth and efficient organizational governance. Expressing the tone of the organization, they are an invaluable foundational framework on which organizations can grow and prosper.  


Well crafted and up-to-date Competency Based Job Descriptions are a valuable organizational tool for employees and managers alike, providing clarity of role and purpose and guidance around career success and advancement. They are foundational documents that are a great way to initiate thoughtful discussion about the value that each role brings to business success.

Organizational success rests on having the right people doing the right things at the right time. Recruiting, selecting and retaining those individuals is key to the continued success and growth of all organizations.


First impressions, whether at the interview or when joining an organization are critical to an organizations success.  I work with clients to bring best practices to the process.


While it is up to managers to develop professional working relationships with employees to manage and facilitate strategic career growth, I can make that easier by providing knowledge and practical tools to facilitate discussions, manage daily challenges and mitigate corporate risk.

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