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Kitchen Pantry Reorganization 

Project Description

A kitchen pantry was in need of reorganization.  The client had attempted to sort the items but over time with several people accessing the pantry it had become unruly and she felt anxious and overwhelmed at the thought of sorting it out.

Unorganized Baking Supplies
Cluttered Pantry
Jumbled Pantry


Items were sorted into logical categories and containers were utilized where necessary to keep similar items together to avoid having to rake through miss-matched items.

Organized Pantry

Snacks are organized by category - sweet & salty - to suit family preferences and are tucked away in easy to access baskets.

On the left breads, jams and spreads.  On the right canned goods.

On the left breads, jams and spreads.  On the right canned goods.

On the next right two shelves pasta, legumes and sauces. 

An avid baker, baking supplies were reserved for the last two shelves on the left, as well as the bottom shelf. 

Cereal Before Organization


Often the simplest solutions are the best.  Here we improvised another "pull out drawer" by adding an Ikea Basket to the bottom shelf. Now breakfast cereals are easy to access and put away for the next day's breakfast.

Cereal Drawer
Organized Baking Supplies


Baking supplies were sorted into categories and placed in individual containers for easy access - speciality sugars, dried fruits and nuts.

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