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Sorting through the items and discarding and donating items was the first step to clearing some space. 

We used storage containers the homeowners had on hand to house similar items - for example, toiletries. notice the repurposed green vegetable container - and dollar store shelf risers to create extra storage space. 

   Linen Closet

Cluttered Linen Closet

Project Description

A linen closet is a great feature in any home, but it can easily become disorganized especially when several family members use it. In this example, it was difficult to find items in the jumble it had become.  By sorting and placing items in containers, the homeowners can now easily locate what they need and put items away so that other family members can also find items.   

Closet with neatly folded linens.
Organized Toilteries


Often a bit of tweaking is necessary.  You will see that we purchased inexpensive dollar store shelf risers and containers to create even more space and order. 

Organized Linen Closet
Closet before organizing.
Cluttered Linen Closet_edited.jpg

Another example of a linen closet where just a few tweaks were needed to created space and order.

Organized Closet
Organized Linen Closet
Bursting at the seams closet.

Keeping things off the floor creates a pleasing visual. Rarely used or seasonal items were placed on the top shelf.

Towels folded to fit the space.

Neatly organized Linen Closet.
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