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Recruiting, Selecting & Getting the Right People On-Board

HR Consulting Recruiting, Selection, Retention

Finding the right people to join your organization is vital to business success and selecting and assessing potential candidates can be difficult.  During the recruitment process, candidates are also assessing the organization and, whether they are the successful candidate or not, they will leave with an impression of the organization.  


I work with clients during the recruitment and selection process to ensure that best hiring practices are used and, regardless of outcomes, candidates are treated to the best possible experience of your organization.  And if they do join the company, that positive first impression continues through their orientation and on-boarding process. 

Recruitment Services

  1. Work with recruiting managers to develop job postings and make recommendations for sources of hire

  2. Develop Application Forms that conform to Privacy and Human Rights Legislation

  3. Review Applications and Resumes and provide a shortlist to Hiring Managers

  4. Negotiate Offers and Draft Offer Letters

  5. Wrap up recruitment campaign by contacting unsuccessful candidates and storage of recruitment materials

  6. Work with essential leaders and staff to develop a comprehensive on-boarding process customized for the position

Learning & Development Services

Individual Coaching or group "Lunch & Learn" sessions.  Possible topics:

  • Best Practices for Recruiting &  Selecting Talent

  • How to Read a Resume

  • Interview Best Practices

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