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Small Clothes Closet  Organization 

Cramped Clothes Closet.

Project Description

A small clothes closet needed some organization. These closets can be challenging, particularly as the shelf storage is often difficult to access. 

Organized Clothes Closet


Infrequently used (special event) clothing was moved to another closet in the home.

We introduced extra hanging space by attaching an inexpensive second bar for shorter items of clothing.


Two extension rods add extra space for shoes.  Less frequently used shoes where placed in shoe boxes on the top shelf.


Sweater and jeans were folded on the first shelf for easy visual access.

A basket on the floor holds bulky sweaters. Note:  items on the floor can make a space look cluttered.  Opt for off the floor storage if you can.

Scarves were hung on a bar attached to the bedroom door.


We consolidated all items in boxes into the trunk and moved it under the stairwell.

In this project, two ski jackets were the only clothes moved to another location.


Folding, sorting and adding a drawer unit was all that was needed to make the closet tidier and functional.

Small Clothes Closet Before Organization

Another example of a clothes closet "bursting at the seams. This young adult was collecting items for when he moved to his own space.

Small Clothes Closet After Organization.

A little reorganization and some simple storage solutions make these closets much more spacious and functional.

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