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Talent Management - Bringing it all Together

Talent Management, HR Consultant Edmonton

"Talent Management"  is as a process by which managers and organizations bring to life fundamental HR practices: 

people working in jobs that best meet their needs and that are aligned to the needs of the organization; 

people understanding what is expected of them and being held accountable for their actions;

people receiving meaningful and motivating rewards and recognition for their contributions to the success of the organization.

While this is a very complex undertaking, I believe clear communication on the part of all stakeholders is the crux of successful business relationships. My role in this complex human endeavour is to work to establish the foundations on which organizations and the people that comprise them, can grow and develop through clarity of purpose and a clearly communicated, understood, and shared set of guiding principals for success. I work with managers to mitigate the risk to the company and provide pathways for the equitable treatment of employees.  In this regard, I the following streams of service.

 Talent Management Services 

Talent Management Systems:  I work with organizations to update, develop and introduce  an effective competency based talent management system.  I believe in using systems that work within the reality of running a busy organization and once established, are not arduous to maintain and administer.

Introduce HR Practices & Principles:  Small to mid-sized organizations (perhaps a staff complement of 40 to 5) benefit from the expertise and guidance of a Human Resources Professional.  I work with organizations to introduce HR practices and principles to the company and, depending on the circumstances, act as the companies HR Consultant on an interim basis until the company reaches a size that necessitates the services of a full time human resources professional.

Learning & Development:  My experience has been, particularly in growth organizations, foundational HR practices and policies have either not been established or need to be updated to reflect the current reality of the organization. If this is coupled with managers and supervisors who are excellent subject matter experts, but new to the role of managing or supervising employees, then problems can become exacerbated through lack of knowledge and clear understanding of expectations. I work with managers and supervisors to provide them with fundamental HR principals, introduce them to legislative and legal constructs, and coach them on best practices for working with people, both when things are going smoothly and through trying times.  This can be done on an individual or group basis. Examples of topics include:

  • Reward and Recognition Strategies​

  • Career Development & Performance Review Processes

  • Progressive Discipline​ Process

  • Human Rights Legislation

  • Employment Standards Legislation

  • Recruitment Best Practices

  • Absence Management

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