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As an avid "upcycler", I love the challenge of taking something that has been discarded and giving it new life. Check out some of these transformations. 


Dumpster Dive Beauty

This dresser had been set out on the curb.  A few woodwork fixes, a good cleaning, sanding and left-over paint from a room makeover, reinvented this lovely dresser.

My Work

HFH Finished Painting.jpg

Gorgeous Painting

This incredible painting was done by one of my fellow volunteers on the Habitat for Humanity Upcycling Team.  Flooring underlay became a canvas for this amazing painting.  Luke, you are so talented!!

$5 Table

I purchased this table for $5 on Kijji. While it was a solid wooden table, it was in dreadful shape. After a good sanding and cleaning I used leftover bedroom wall paint and some painters tape to make a fun table for a first time home.

Dresser Update

I purchased this dresser at the Habitiat for Humanity ReStore for $50.  Some tender loving care, paint and pretty drawer pulls brought it to life.

Secretary Desk

Another Habitiat for Humanity ReStore find. Paint, new pulls and a little fabric makes a great mini-office in this owner's small apartment. 

Side Table

An old bicycle wheel and chandler were reinvented to make this amazing table.  Everything is from off cast materials, including the wood.  Another amazing Habitiat for Humanity Upcycled Item.  Go team!

Office Desk

 An old broken dining room table was upcycled to make this lovely desk. The perfect size for this lovely home office.  

Lego Anyone?

The Habitat for Humanity Upcylcying team takes broken and discarded furniture and gives it new life.  Neil's sense of fun shines through on this upcycled dresser!

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