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Kitchen Reorganization 

Project Description

The owners of this charming, original 1950's kitchen were finding it frustrating to use - largely because it was difficult to easily access supplies.  The cabinet shelving cannot be moved and the while the rounded corners are a gorgeous architectural detail, they are not practical. These clients had a distinct look in mind being minimalist in nature coupled with a love of cooking. Just a few tweaks were needed to make it more functional.

Awkward 1950's Kitchen Corner Cabinet


This corner cabinet was deep, dark and very difficult to access.  The solution was to place infrequently used items into baskets and tucked them into the corners.  When needed, they can easily be pulled out. More frequently used items are now quickly accessible.

The stackable storage boxes are easy to lift out and the lids keep items dust free!

Organized Corner Cabinet
Before tweaking this storage.


Containers holding like items are always a good idea for  visually calming and practical storage. A contemporary bread box with a hinged lid fits neatly on the shelf.

Organized Kitchen Cupboard


Just a few little tweaks make this cabinet work a bit better.  A shelf riser was added to the left and tucked slightly into the rounded corner cabinet adding more accessible storage space.  

Organized Kitchen Cabinets
Unorganized Corner Cabinet


Another difficult to access corner cabinet.  Baskets and a couple of Lazy Susan's worked wonders.

Organized Corner Cabinet
1950's Cabinent Handles

I love the original hardware!

What is not to love about these original door handles?

Unorganized Spice Cabinet


A sweet little cabinet that I believe once housed a drop down ironing board was converted into a storage unit and used to house spices.  The problem was that the spice bottles were two rows deep making it impossible to see what was in the second row.

The solution was to organize the spice bottles and place them, two rows deep, in clear plastic containers.  The owners can now pull out the boxes and easily see the spices they need. 

We purchased canisters that fit perfectly on the narrow shelves and decanted frequently used baking and cooking supplies into them.

Pretty and Practical!

Organized Spice Cabinet
1950's Kitchen
Gorgeous 1950's Kitchen

A few tweaks and this kitchen is a pleasure to work in.  A rolling cart (not pictured) holding prepped ingredients and favourite cooking oils and supplies is now tucked away in the corner and easily pulled out to the cooking area when needed.

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