Before & After - Some examples of my work

Home Business

Business growth coupled with a move to a smaller space meant it was time to reassess the existing storage solutions.


After organization, supplies and projects are easily accessed and the space promotes creativity and productivity for this busy home business.



Pull out Kitchen Pantry in need of some organization.

A little reorganization and some simple storage solutions make it easier for everyone in the family access the kitchen pantry items.

Dressing Room

A bedroom in this home that was dedicated to a dressing room was overflowing with clothing and accessories. 
After organization this room is a joy to be in. The beautiful selection of clothing and accessories are easy to access and lovingly displayed, making getting ready in the morning a joy.





The owners of this charming, original 1950's kitchen were finding it frustrating to use - largely because it was difficult to easily access supplies.  


A few tweaks and it is now a pleasure to be in.

Corporate Storage 


This not-for-profit organization's storage space had become so packed with items that it presented a safety hazard and staff were unable to access much needed items.

Now this is a safe, bright and very functional storage space.



A clothes closet needed a little tweek.


A little reorganization, a few donations, and some simple storage solutions make the closet much more spacious and functional.



The spare room that holds everything! During a move, this room became the temporary space for all sorts of random items. 

Now it is restful retreat for guests and is ready for a makeover to guest room/hobby room.

Linen Closet

A linen closet that is used to store so much more than just linens. 


This closet

was organized using containers that the homeowner already and (notice the green produce container), and some dollar store shelf-risers to create extra space.

Stalled Move

 Some help required on the final push of a move.


Now it's time to relax and enjoy. 

Sewing Room  


After a move to a new home, the homeowner's old dining room furniture didn't have a home. 

Check out how we repurposed her dining set to make a functional, spacious and calming sewing space.