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Drawers provide easy visual access to fabric collections.... Yum!
Neatly Folded Fabric
Neatly Folded Fabric

Home Business Reorganization 

Disorganized Sewing Room

Project Description


A move to a smaller space and business growth meant that the original storage solutions  for this home based business were no longer working. Navigating the room was difficult. Supplies were hard to access, and while the storage containers were lovely, they were now impractical.

Organized Sewing Room


We were relocated the cabinet angled in the corner to another room to free up floor space and removed the floating wall shelving unit to free up wall space. 


The client edited her substantial fabric collection and we sorted it in categories that worked for her business.  By folding the fabric so that it stood upright in the drawers she can now easily make her selections.

Cluttered Sewing Supply Closet


Taking the doors off a closet is a great way to get more visual space - no awkward corners to navigate.  In this area we edited and reorganized project supplies, clearing up floor space and allowing easy and quick access to supplies as needed.


The white dresser under the window area made it awkward to access the closet and was in a prime location for light.  It was moved to a side wall and the  sewing machine we relocated under the window allowing natural light for working.

A quick tidy of the wall unit housing buttons and various supplies was all that was needed here.  Muslin used for projects was sorted and rolled for easy access.

Organized Sewing Supplies
Craft Storage
Wrapped Muslin


Before, the storage was pretty, but the client was unable to see what was inside the lovely boxes.
We replaced the boxes with transparent ones and sorted and organized the projects.
Being able to close the doors helps the client focus on the project at hand.
e result is an uncluttered, efficient and pleasant working environment. 

Neatly Organized Sewing Projects
Neatly organized quilting Fabric
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