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Sewing Room Organization Detail

Relocating a display cabinet to another room, removing a hanging wall unit and repositioning the existing furniture made better use of space.  Supplies were sorted and organized into logical categories for easy access, resulting in an uncluttered, efficient, and pleasant working environment.

Neatly Organized Sewing Projects
Organized Craft Projects
Pretty but Impractical Storage
Cluttered Sewing Supply Closet
Organized Sewing Room

Visually calming storage with easy access to projects & supplies.


Before, the storage was pretty, but the client was unable to see what was inside the lovely boxes. Clear storage containers allow the client to easily identify her work in progress.

Moving the sewing machine under the window added natural light for working. Reorganizing the project supplies cleared floor space and made supplies more accessible.

Organized Sewing Supplies
Neatly Folded Fabric
Wrapped Muslin

Drawers provide easy visual access to fabric collections.


Craft Storage
Neatly Folded Fabric.png
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